The Aran Islands, Dun Aengus

4 Dec

The gorgeous Aran Islands were an amazing sight to witness. Once we were actually on the island, we proceeded to take a tour. Our excursion while on the island consisted of seal-watching, a death-defying van ride, and “the world’s best hot chocolate” via a very sweet shop owner that also happened to teach us even more Irish than we already knew! There was much sight seeing involved and a ferry ride that was increasingly interesting because of the coast guard helicopter partaking in what seemed to be a mock-rescue. 

We the hiked up through Dun Aengus, which was absolutely phenomenal. The scenery was breathtaking as we hiked up to the cliffs. The cliffs themselves were simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. We took our turns dangling our feet off the cliffs and taking pictures that involved us resembling birds. Although some people were more bold than others regarding how they would experience the cliffs, I decided to keep my footing.

Dun Aengus has been involved in an increasing amount of history, although now the sight is simply a tourist attraction. Warfare has commence on the fields of Dun Aengus and our tour guide did not hesitate in telling us that “the grass is so green because it is fertilized by the decomposing bodies of ancestral Irish men,” which was an interesting fact to hear as we laid down in the plush fields. 

The experience we had was nothing short of interesting. The majestic nature of such a place once more gave way to the enchantment of the Irish culture. 


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