Giant’s Causeway

4 Dec

Many of our adventures throughout Ireland have taken us to beautiful and interesting places, but my favorite by far was our trip to Giant’s Causeway. This beautiful landscape lies on the north coast of the County of Antrim, Northern Ireland. The natural beauty of the landscape is not the only charming quality of this terrific tourist attraction, but there is folklore that adds to the enchantment of Giant’s Causeway, which is also where its’ name has derived from. 

The legend that many people know of is the story of Finn McCool. Who was said to be having a tiff with a Giant from Scotland. This Scottish Giant began to throw rocks at Finn, and he retaliated by offering a quarrel. Finn started to build a makeshift bridge so that he could fight with the Scottish Giant. He stayed up for 7 days straight and finally realized that if he was to fight this Giant now, he would not be able to do so due to exhaustion. 

In this way, Giant’s Causeway was created. But the story doesn’t end there! Finn met up with his wife and decided that he would pretend to be a baby so that he could disguise himself out of a fight. Finn’s wife distracted the Scottish Giant for a while, but he then got curious of the massive baby she seemed to have been taking care of. So curious, in fact, that he went to go touch the baby. Little did he know it was Finn! Finn then proceeded to bite the Scottish Giant’s finger off and he ran away, back home, destroying the path that Finn had built for him. 

Although there is a lot of science revolving around the Giant’s Causeway and many scientific explanations for the formation in which the Causeway took, the stories and mythology behind the causeway only add to the charm of the Irish culture. Not only was the scenery was beautiful, it only adds to the greatness of the mythology within the Irish culture.


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