Visit to Croke Park

4 Dec

Croke Park is more than just a stadium for most Irish men, women, and children. There is a culture that surrounds Gaelic sport and it is quite interesting. Croke Park has been a cultural hot-spot for over a hundred years. This immense park holds a whopping 82,300 avid fans of the GAA. The park is in fact so popular, that not only do sporting events happen there, but you can even have your wedding reception in the stadium! Because the uses of the stadium of become so diverse, more and more of the Irish population has been able to become acquainted with this wonderful and interesting attraction.

We were able to experience the rituals in which the players partake in before heading out to their game. We toured the locker room where the players prepare for their games and where they reside afterwards. I thought it was particularly interesting that there is a common room where both teams come together after the game and can mingle together despite which team won and which team lost. The comradeship that the Irish are so inclined to keep within their culture truly shows within the GAA and within Croke park itself. Not only does Croke Park encompass the beauty of Irish culture, but the stadium is quite aesthetically pleasing as well.

Alyssa Stump 


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