Amnesty International Mobile Seminar

3 Dec

A couple weeks ago we went to the Irish Branch of Amnesty International for my second Mobile Seminar. Listening to the rep from Amnesty talk about when Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was injured for her persistence regarding girls’ education, visited the Dublin area last year reminded me of how international Dublin truly is. As much as I thought that Dublin would be so Irish and there would only be strongly Irish food and culture when I got here, this city has completely showed me a new side of itself; a side filled with many cultures living together, something that somehow escaped my mind when I was thinking of the trip before I left. Something else that this mobile seminar showed me was how interconnected Ireland is in charity and activism around the globe. I wonder how being closer to global leaders such as Germany, France, etc. allow for a stronger feeling towards those who do suffer from injustice around the world. Whenever I went to a Model United Nations conference and I was faced with debating a global issue or concern it felt so alienated, in a way it did not feel real, as if somewhere there are people who do suffer from injustice in prisons despite their non-violent past; maybe it is because for some of these issues I was an ocean away and in a way I did not feel as connected as I do here. Dublin’s international composure had provided me with a more global perspective that I’m not sure why I could not get in Boston; they’re both international cities, both with an eclectic collage of cultural backgrounds, and yet I feel so much “closer to the world” over here. Amnesty International was something that I always heard about in high school, something that I did not really know what it meant, what they did, who they supported, yet this mobile seminar has provided me with not only a new context for the organization itself as well as the people they help, but the city of Dublin as well; it’s passionate activists, it’s varied cultural backgrounds and it’s overall harmonious mixture of peoples that make it such an interesting, yet familiar city to live in. 

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