Guinness Factory

1 Dec

I have been to the Guinness factory twice now. Each time it was a unique and interesting experience. Many of the sights are remarkable. When you walk into the lobby you look up and realize you are standing at the bottom of the World’s largest pint shop glass. Inside the glass are floors each filled with different things to discover and try. It almost seemed like something from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.


My favorite part was learning how to pour the perfect pint. Even though it was a little touristy, it was still a fun skill to learn. I had seen people do it before but I never considered that it took more skill than just pulling down a tab.


I cannot say the food was good however. It was the classic tourist trap. I paid 20 Euros for a burnt steak that came with some pretty cold chips. The fresh pint with a clover shape in the foam made up for it somewhat though.


At the top, the sky bar, you feel like you’re in some kind of ship floating in sky. You can see every part of Dublin as you walk around the 360-degree bar. 


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