Guinness and Jameson

1 Dec

This past week my boyfriend came to visit me so I decided I had to take him to the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery.   These two places are some of the most visited monuments in Dublin especially for people who like their alcohol. I had done the Guinness factory before so that was nothing really new.  We explored all the different levels and did the taste testing of the beer where you are taken into a room and there are four vats that emit smoke flavors of the different ingredients in the beer.  The first time I went there you had to guess what each flavor was but this time they were labeled.  One thing that was new on this visit was that we poured our own Guinness.  At the first trip my friends and I just got our free drink at the sky bar and walked around up there but this time we got to learn how to pour the perfect Guinness and get a certificate.  That was a really cool experience, especially f


or a visitor because Guinness is so synonymous with Ireland.


The distillery was a whole different experience.  This was my first time there so I didn’t know what to expect.  The tickets you purchased were for a guided tour around the factory.  This was neat because at Guinness you just toured on your own but having a guide was interesting be

cause you got to learn about the history.  We watched a brief video about the man behind Jameson, John Jameson and that was a good introduction.  On the tour itself we stopped in several different rooms and the guide discussed the importance of each.  Each room was set up very well with mannequins meant to reenact what took place in each.  The tour concluded with a whisky tasting for 10 lucky people and a complimentary drink of Jameson and ginger or plane Jameson.


Both of these factories are important to Irish history.  They are two very touristy places and by visiting them you can learn a lot about how and why they are made and what their importance is to Dublin today.IMG_4945


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