Dublin Streets

1 Dec

As I walk around Dublin, I notice that it is built to promote a lot of conversation and community engagement. All the stores are set up right on the street and most restaurants have an outdoor seating area that people seem to still enjoy when it is 40 degrees. The main streets like Grafton and O’Connell have lots of interesting places that attract thousands of people. The result is a city with a lot of foot traffic and interaction. If I were to approach a random stranger on the street in Baltimore, it would raise some suspicion. But here it is a part of everyday life. I think that is because the city planners did a good job of creating a place where people see each other everyday.


It also makes me feel a lot safer. Since there is so much foot traffic there are always eyes on the street. Where I live, it is uncomfortable to walk down many streets at night because there is nothing appealing on the streets. This leads to there being no one on the street, and if you run into the wrong person it might not end well. I always feel safe in Dublin because I know there is always going to be a few people on the streets with me. 


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