Day Trip To Howth

1 Dec

This past Wednesday I took a day trip with my visiting boyfriend to the nearby costal town of Howth.  I had heard from a few of my friends that this place was somewhere I needed to visit because it was so pretty and had a few nice hiking spots.  After visiting I definitely agree with them.

We took a train out of Connolly station in the afternoon and got to Howth within a half hour.  We were greeted with the strong smell of sea air right as we stepped out of the station.  We walked down a sort of pier and ended up at some rocks that you could climb and look out at the ocean and a nearby lighthouse.  Luckily it wasn’t cold that day and even though it was cloudy it was a really beautiful sight.  It was also really nice to be out of the business of the city and just hear peaceful quite and the waves sloshing against the rocks.


After sitting for a few minutes we walked a little bit around the coast towards the hiking trail.  It took a good half hour to get to the top of the road where the trail started but it was a great view the entire time.  We walked along the road with a couple houses on the coast side and a few more and the opposite side.  There were also a few little paths that led to more rocks as we climbed higher to the top that jutted out above the sea.


As we got to the top at the start of the hiking trails there was a map and four different trails we could take around the peninsula.  However at this point it was close to the sun setting and each path took an hour plus.  So we decided to just walk a little bit along one of the trails and turn back once it started getting dark.


As we climbed higher the view got even more breathtaking.  You couldn’t see anything but the vast sea with a few boats in the distance.  It was so nice to just sit and watch and be amazed at how immense this body of water was and how you couldn’t even see anything but sea for miles and miles.


As it began to get darker the lights of the city, which you could also see from the top, glittered in the distance and was also a magnificent view.  At this point however we began to walk back down to catch the train and get home before it got too late.   I would definitely recommend Howth to anyone.  It’s a short train ride and only costs about 5 euro for a ticket to and back and it is most definitely worth



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