My Visit To The Guinness Factory

1 Dec


Back in October, my family flew from New York to Dublin to meet my roommate and celebrate my 18th birthday. As a form of celebrating becoming one of the best ages to be in Ireland, we decided to take a visit to the famous Guinness Storehouse to learn about what goes into the most popular drink in all of Ireland. Upon arriving, the scent of hops was extremely prominent in the air and it was not long before I was learning everything that goes into the historical formula that is Guinness.

As you travel floor by floor toward the top of the storehouse, televisions and audio guides grab your attention describing the history of Arthur Guinness and how his family passed down the recipe of Guinness generation to generation. This traditional beer has four main ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. On the fourth floor we found four tables that had steam representing each scent that went into the drink.

Next, we learned the proper way to drink Guinness. One must raise your elbow, drink in hand, breathe in, take a sip, and then breathe out to properly experience the flavors. Once we knew how to drink Guinness, we learned how to properly pour it. Even though we did so via the tap, knowing how to properly pour it matters when you pour your drink from a can as well. Properly pouring Guinness is not as simple or easy as one would initially think. We were taught to poor at a 45-degree angle until a certain point is reached in the glass before straitening out the glass. By pouring correctly, the drink has gets a head with preserves flavor and aroma while preventing oxidation.

We were also fortunate enough to learn about the company that is Guinness. Guinness has mastered the art of advertisement and being iconic. Today in Dublin you can find several golden harp signs hanging off pubs, representing the Guinness Logo.  The harp doubles as one of Ireland’s most known symbols. This breaks the typical presumption from America that Ireland is crazy about the clover more which simply does not seem evident during my stay in Ireland.

Finally, we reached the Gravity Bar. The bar is a 360-degree look above the city of Dublin. Here, my roommate and I took our classic picture with his pint of Guinness – one of our favorites.

My roommate, Ben, and I enjoying the Gravity Bar

The photos we were able to take of Dublin were magnificent and will never be lost. I will definitely return one day when I return to Dublin in several years.

– Alex Dfouni


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