The Book of Kells and Natural Museum (Avery Cok)

28 Nov

As I voyaged through Trinity College, I knew that there was one important thing I had to see and that was the Book of Kells. I knew my previous studies in art history would not go to waste. I loved the fact that I could heavily analyze and interpret the symbols that the museum presented. Along with the history lesson on the elaborate creation of the books, I heightened my previous textbook experience with actual experience. By that, I’m talking about how I got to see the religious books with my own eyes. It was spectacular. I found everything about the museum so interesting. I am no stranger to going to museums, but that was one of the most influential ones to me due to the fact that I’m at an age, where I can appreciate the artistry of it. And the knowledge that I know didn’t hurt either. The complete art and the amount of time that it took to write on those calf vellum pages is incredible. The key thing that is seen on these pages are significant images, which correlate with religious worship. There is also a meticulous abundance of interlacing. Interconnecting within the artistry seems to be a main theme of its style. But, who would try to undertake such a finite task? Celtic monks were the type of people that created these books in Irish monasteries between the sixth and ninth centuries. The innovation for its time has never been seen before. It would be a hard task for the world to currently try to do. Consequently, there was something that these monks were doing right.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that was in the museum. There was this grandiose library that was fairly closed off. In addition, there were statue heads of influential people. I couldn’t help, but read through all the names and recount the information that I’ve learned from my studies. My favorite statue bust was John Locke’s because I believe he is such an influential person to the structure of modern society. It was a cool thing to experience and I would recommend anyone who considers themselves an academic to go there.

Furthermore, I went to the Natural Museum of Ireland, where I got to see many of Ireland’s native animals. It was interesting, but it had to be one of the smallest museums I have ever been to. I thought that the starfish and the black lobster that I got to see were peculiar. First off, I have never seen a black lobster in my life before and it makes me wonder about the other animals that I don’t know about. It additionally made me think about all the undiscovered sea animals that lay in the depths of the ocean. With regards to the starfish, I just couldn’t fathom how unorthodox they looked. Or, it might be my lack of knowledge of starfish. Nevertheless, I assume that I have seen different types of starfish from Irish ones. It was really cool that I became immersed and cultured on Irish animals and I was able to do that for free, which is something that I’m not used to. With that, I give both of these museums my stamp of approval in being a worthwhile time, while in Ireland.    

-Avery Cok


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