Rome vs. Dublin

28 Nov

For my reading week I spent three days in Rome with my roommate and her sister. The minute I got off the plane I realized how different Rome was. The first thing I noticed was of course the language. It was amazing to hear all of the beautiful accents and language. As we boarded the bus the radio blared out Italian songs, and as we drove around the city I saw ancient architecture incorporated into modern buildings. That was the most amazing part of Rome. There would be a building thousands of years old directly next to a new modern apartment building. My favorite place we visited was the Colosseum it was huge, beautiful, and full of history. It was amazing to walk into such an old structure and see that it is still standing, and in good condition. The food in Rome of course was amazing and very different from Dublin food. Here in Dublin you can find almost any type of food you want, but in Rome it was almost only Italian, not that I’m complaining! Another huge cultural difference was store hours. I was so used to stores closing around nine o’clock at night, so it was amazing that most stores and markets were still open at eleven. I also noticed a much smaller homeless population, and the streets were a lot cleaner. As we continued to walk around the city I loved how vibrant the people were, always talking with their hands and chatting with people on the streets. The Italians were friendly, much like the Irish, but sometimes the men would get a little too friendly! The only other big difference I saw between Rome and Dublin was the street systems. There were few stoplights and rarely any lane dividers. The cab drivers were incredibly aggressive, and the streets always looked like a disorganized mess. In the end I love both cities and their differences. I had an amazing time wandering through the city and taking in all of the beautiful artefacts and food! Dublin is my home though, so it is nice to be back!



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