My Hidden Gem of Dublin

27 Nov

Coming to Ireland has been one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime. Leaving home was bittersweet because I knew going to school in Ireland would be an awesome experience, but I also knew three months would be a long time without my family, friends…..and football. 

When home I watch football religiously every season, changing the games back and forth on the television in hope of not missing anything important from any game. For a while here in Dublin I would just try to find the games online, but then i heard of the place called The Woolshed Baa and Grill. From then on I made it a point for that to be my little piece of home here in Dublin. 


To me it is basically a hidden gem here in Dublin. The funny thing about The Woolshed is that I have been living within five minutes walking distance from it without knowing for about two months before finding it. It is located on the end of Parnell Street which is just outside of the cities center. For anyone unfamiliarized with Dublin it is an approximate ten minute walk from the Temple Bar area, and only a measly two minute walk from the front entrance of the Ilac Shopping Center. 

The name is creative because it is titled the Woolshed BAA and grill, because the wool and baa go together while their logo is a sheep. To me I really love it because being from Boston, thats how I would pronounce bar anyway, (Bah). This place is amazing and not only because it plays America Football every sunday. They have other awesome events such as Karaoke, Bingo, Quiz Night, Comedy Night and many more, which most give fun opportunities to win fantastic prizes. 

That’s not all. The food is just as good as their service. Phenomenal. It’s a large place consisting of two floors and the option of outdoor seating. Although it is a large place it has seating offers from booths like a reastaurunt to barstools in front of the giant televisions hung up throughout the entire place.It is also a very informal place and that’s my kind of style. The menu has everything on it including full meals or amazing appetizers. All portions are large and they also offer platters containing tons of every appetizer offered on the menu for a larger group for an amazing price. 


For anyone visiting, or even living in Dublin, I highly recommend you give The Woolshed Baa and Grill a try. You don’t need to be looking for anything specific because as I have explained they offer a variety of food and entertainment. What more could you ask for? I assure you won’t be disappointed. Word on the street is that there is also one located in inner-city Cork as well! But hurry up and get there early the place is popular enough to fill up quickly some nights! See you Sunday! Go Patriots! 


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