Guinness Storehouse Blog #6

26 Nov

With the limited time I have left here in Dublin I decided to go pay a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. Although I’m not the biggest Guinness fan, almost everyone you talk to tells you, “you’re in Dublin go see the storehouse!” Well I final ventured over that way and I’m grateful I did.   

            Walking through the storehouse you learn the process it takes to make Guinness. Though both television screens as well as real replications you learn how many steps and ingredients that are included in the brewing of this traditional beer. In the atrium of the building you come across a giant pint glass that if filled could hold 14.3 million pints of Guinness. While touring around all seven floors of the building located at St. James’s Gate, you learn about Guinness the beer and Guinness the company all in the location where it all began.

Not only do you learn about the beer, you also gain knowledge of the company. You discover how the product has been distributed, as well as how it is transported from the storehouse to a certain location. You also gain the knowledge of the art that Guinness has master. That art being advertising and sponsorship. Their advertising and icons are both strong symbols when one thinks of Ireland. There were a variety of television screens showing the different eras of the Guinness ads over time.


When you reach the fourth floor you become a professional Guinness pourer when you pour yourself the perfect pint of Guinness! As you continue on your storehouse journey one may be hungry after all this touring and pint pouring. So what would be better than a traditional Irish soup? The soup was delicious; it was made with Guinness stout. Finally, after you have rejuvenated you energy with some good tasting food you continue to the top floor also known as the Gravity Bar. I love taking photographs so being up there on the seventh floor gave me plenty to photograph. It was such an incredible view of Dublin, I’m definitely happy that I made it to the Storehouse before I departed Dublin! 


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