Culture Night – Austin Scheerer

26 Nov

Friday September 20th was Dublin’s 8th annual Culture Night. This meant the city was filled with art, acting, music, and museums that were open for free or a discount price. This was good and bad, because it allowed anyone to go regardless of whether they had the money, but the lines were unending. There was some really cool stuff going on as well. I went with some friends to the Christ Church cathedral tour. It was quite a large Cathedral inside. The altar area had the big gate/fence thing that a lot of cathedrals seem to have. We then went down into the crypt and it was the strangest crypt I’ve ever seen (though all things considered it was only the second crypt I’ve been inside). It was relatively large with some statues, family crests and other historical artifacts. The weird part, was that there was a coffee shop down there. In retrospect it’s a tourist spot so it makes sense. There were no bodies, caskets etc but the only dead things down there were a mummified cat and rat that they found in one of the organ pipes. It’s thought that they were stuck in there since the 1850s or 1950s but I couldn’t quite see the dates. The bad part about culture night is really just a petty argument that’s just one of my pet peeves: too many people. It makes sense though, and it really wasn’t a problem. I also went to Dublin Castle, but didn’t find it very interesting. Maybe I was just tired and sick of the amount of people.

Culture Night was created to celebrate the culture of dublin and the rest of ireland. Many, if not most of the museums were open for free or a discount. There were also open markets selling food, jewelry, crafts etc. There were live music performances and it was just a really nice experience, despite the crazy numbers of people.



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