Cinematic Experience Dissimilarities

21 Nov

Last night, I went to the midnight premier of Catching Fire which is a cinematic representation of the second book in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy The Hunger Games. We went to a theatre in the Jervis area called Cineplex. I was surprised by the great differences between the movie theatre experience here and the ones that I have had in the states. For example, Cineplex was multiple levels. Although I have not experienced multi-level cinemas in America, I can understand that for a city, it is necessary to build up since there is not much room to build out. Also, it is more costly to purchase more space to expand a theatre outward than it would be to add a couple of extra levels. Another dissimilarity that I noticed was the relaxed feel in the Irish movie theatres. Each level held seating areas with plush couches and small tables. I was also pleasantly surprised at the luxury of the screen room as well. Our seats were predetermined—similar to a play or a show—and the actual seats themselves were very comfortable. This is something I have never seen in America. I do not think that this idea of leisure would ever take off in US movie theatres because Americans are very focused on monetary gain and therefore would think of these seating areas as wasted space that could be used instead to house another movie screen or snack stand. Lastly, my greatest surprise about my Irish movie theatre experience was the lack of promotional movie trailers before the film. In the United States it is conventional to play five to ten minutes of movie trailers which are used to promote future films coming out within the next couple of months. These trailers are used to entice the public to hopefully come back to that particular theatre to see another film in the near future. It is also beneficially for film production companies because they get to screen their trailers at theatres before the do on television advertisements and such.  The trailers in the theater get us—the customers—talking about a new film before it is really fully marketed to the general public. I think that the lack of movie trailers in the Irish theater send a message about the Irish themselves in that the people of this country value pure entertainment and enjoyment. They are not interested in advertising gimmicks.   

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