Rope Bridge & Giants

20 Nov

In the same weekend that we visited Belfast, we visited Giants Causeway; which was arguably one of the scariest moments I’ve gone through while studying abroad. We were going to visit a rope bridge on the way and when we were hiking to get to the rope bridge most of us were shocked. When we heard “rope bridge” we thought of a rope bridge that is stable and only a few feet, maybe a few yards long. This was not the case.  This rope bridge was several yards long, extremely high above water, not stable as you walked across and it connected two mountain-like islands. The scariest part was the fact that the bridge bobbed up and down as you strolled across, and when the wind blew it swung sideways! Lastly, you even while the bridge was dancing under your feet, you had to manage to remain on a relatively small wooden plank that was roughly one foot wide. Although, it would be a bad idea to look down at the plank. Once you look then your peripherals would engage, you would see the water violently crashing on the rocks and realize the bridge was still shaking. Then your legs would get tense but you realize you have to keep moving forward, but the real struggle is when you try to look up you realize that you’re now dizzy from looking down. But, after you get passed that, you’re golden: Until you have to go for round two in order to return to the buses. 

Above all, the views from the Giants Causeway, once we arrived, were stunning. There were rocks that looked like camels, one looked like a chimney, and the stories that went behind these amazing landscapes were entertaining. It was especially awesome one you realized you were standing on an active tectonic plate and as you walk around the earth under you is essentially moving and slowly creating new rock formations. This was probably the busiest day we encountered, but it was well worth it once we all looked back on our photos of the views, and our terrified faces from the bridge.

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