Galway Getaway

20 Nov

This past weekend we visited Galway and the Aran Islands. The bus ride was over an hour that began in Dublin’s fun-filled streets and ended in Galway’s gorgeous landscape and views. Once in Galway a group of us made our way into center city and found it was a small, cute city with adorable houses, and a lively city center. Some homes had small doors, and each home seemed to have a unique feature, whether it was their door, windows, or color of the home. Furthermore, center city of Galway was far different than the quirky homes. Center city had lines of flag poles, with modern buildings, and historic art, and it happened to be filled with teenagers and children who were fresh out of school for the day and picked up gelato from nearby. After walking through center city, and listening to some people speak Irish, we made our way to a small river, or creek. There were tons of ducks! We met two Spaniards who told us about the Aran Islands and explained that we would love them. They warned us about the height and not to get close to the edge if you are afraid of heights, and they told us getting to the edge is the best part and the view, wind, and sun were “heavenly.”

The following day we took a ferry to the Aran Islands, which turned out to be more eventful than we all anticipated it would be. After about thirty minutes on the ferry, out of an hour, a helicopter flew above the ferry’s stern and the men, who seemed to be the equivalent to the US Coast Guard, began to conduct a safety exercise. They lowered down onto the boat right by the water, and then another man lowered in order to “rescue” him. After going through the drill, the helicopter left, and we arrived at the islands. We took a tour and then hiked up to the cliffs and it was breathtaking. The spaniards were correct when they said getting to the edge would be the best part. All of us made it to the edge, sat, took pictures, and relaxed. Afterwards we went back to Galway and made it back to Dublin; but the Aran Islands left a lasting impression on each of us.


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