West Ireland

16 Nov

I fell in love with Western Ireland. I could see myself retiring there in the future. The Aran Islands were absolutely beautiful. It was so nice being by the water since I come from a beach town.
An interesting thing that I saw that the country-side was covered in square rock formations. I was a bit confused until our tour guide informed us that they represented homes that used to stand there. I thought it was amazing to see the history like that and imagine what the houses looked like. The graveyard was really intriguing and learning about the history of it was cool. I walked around and saw gravestones that were there since the 1100s! That was truly remarkable.
I was elated to see cows, donkeys, sheep, and goats. There is not much wildlife to be seen in Los Angeles unless you are at the zoo. I love animals so it was really exciting to seem them outside of a habitat in a zoo.
The cliffs we went to were breathtaking. I have never experienced something like that. Having my feet over edge and looking down was scary but also relaxing at the same time. Feeling the wind against my face and having the ocean smell fill my nostrils was extraordinary. We stayed by the cliffs for about an hour or so and I was so taken aback by the beauty that was in front of me. I wanted to stay there for hours.
It was so foggy when we went to the cliffs of Mohr that we couldn’t even see the ocean from the cliffs. If I have time I might go back to see them because from the photos I’ve seen they look spectacular.
The center of Galway was nice to see but it does not compare to Dublin. I love the hustle and bustle of the city. There isn’t that much to do in Galway compared to the hundreds of activities and sightseeing opportunities Dublin has to offer.
I hope one day I will return to Western Ireland.  


Mackenzie Quinn


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