Trinity College Dublin

16 Nov

When my mom visited Dublin we walked around Trinity College. I was very excited to see the college because I have been thinking about attending Trinity for my post-graduate studies. At this moment I am majoring in Neuroscience, but that could change. I am pretty positive that I will be majoring in some branch of biology though. Currently Trinity College Dublin has research programs for neuroscience, genetics, immunology, and many others. This is very enticing to me because if I decide neuroscience isn’t for me, Trinity College is still very strong in many other areas of biology.

As we walked through the great wooden door of Trinity College we were greeted by a gorgeous 180 degree view of beautiful architecture. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest because as I walked around, gawking at the campus, I felt like I belonged there. A similar feeling I had when I first toured Franklin and Marshall.  



Unfortunately, it was too late in the day to take a tour so we didn’t get see everything Trinity has to offer. But this just gives me an excuse to visit it again and take the tour. I am very excited to see the Book of Kells. I have looked at a number of photos of it and I can’t wait to actually walk through it and experience it. 

While we were walking through we saw a group students of in caps and gowns. We learned that they were post-graduate graduates. Each and every one of them looked elated and the parents looked so proud. I turned to my mom and said, “That could be me”. I am so happy in Ireland and I feel such a strong connection here. So Trinity will definitely be a contender when I am looking at schools to attend for my post-graduate work in the future.


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