16 Nov

Last weekend I, along with a few friends, ventured over to Howth to take part in a hike. My cousin Natalie also joined, who is visiting from Boston. Howth was visually stunning, and certainly a place I will not forget from my time here in Ireland.

To get to Howth, you have to take the DART, the railway network operating throughout Ireland. We walked over to Connolly Station and bought our roundtrip tickets to Howth for about 5 euro. Pretty reasonable, I think, because Howth is about 8 miles each way.

When we arrived in Howth, there was an interesting marketplace where you could purchase food and various small gift items.  All of us were hungry so we got some sandwiches. As we walked along Howth harbor, food in hand, we marveled at the beautiful landscapes. It was a great atmosphere, looking almost identical to the harbor that I frequently visit near my city back in Massachusetts.

It was a pretty cold and windy day in Ireland, so we all bundled up in our jackets and our gloves and started our hike. Before you got to the actual trails, you walked on a residential street. One thing I noticed was that almost every car was an Audi, a BMW, or some other higher-class model. As I saw each of the homes in Howth, having the higher-class cars made sense. The homes were like nothing I’ve seen before. I kept wondering if I could afford one of these houses when I grow older, because I would love to live in one. They were all armed with lavish outside doors and picturesque yards, with, of course, very green grass. It looked like something out of a movie, but I was seeing it with my own eyes.

When we finally made it to the trails, there were a number of them we could have taken. Some were shorter, around an hour and a half, and others took about three hours to complete. Since it was a colder day, we decided to take one of the shorter routes. The scenery was amazing, and one thing that stuck out was the diving board on one of the rocks down below. This seemed like a clever idea, especially when it gets to the hot, summer months.

Further down the trail, we saw the lighthouse, which we heard was one of the things you can’t miss. Unfortunately, we missed it. We didn’t walk over to it since it looked pretty far away from where we stood. After a long and exhausting hike, we headed back to the DART and traveled back to Dublin City.

I know I’ve said it before, but this was one of my favorite days in Ireland. Words can’t describe the majesty of the landscapes and the cliffs overlooking the water. If I ever make my way back to Ireland, I will definitely be visiting Howth again.


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