Harp in The Long Room

16 Nov

Today, I finally visited Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. The grounds of Trinity College were amazing and it definitely feels like a college campus. You can tell all of the buildings are very old, which makes it much more beautiful.

After a short wait to get into the Library, we were taking a self-guided tour inside. Everything on the walls inside has a description, which tells you things such as an objects history, and how the Book of Kells was produced. The Book of Kells is a manuscript that is in the Latin language, and it contains the four gospels of the New Testament. There were informative videos of the detail that went into writing the Book of Kells and all the symbols they used.

The text is very decorated, with many colors that come from all over the world. The Book of Kells remained in Kells until about the 16th century, although it was produced from as early as the 6th century. During the Cromwellian period, the book was brought to Dublin for safekeeping. The book has been rebound many times over the years, which was shown in one of the videos.

Trinity College usually has two of the four volumes available for the public to see. One of the volumes was of text, and the other an illustration.

Once finished viewing the Book of Kells, I headed upstairs. This is where The Long Room is located, which contains about 5 million books. This is where the Library is located, where you will find the oldest harp in Ireland. You will also find many pages with music notes on them in the center glass pieces. The harp is Ireland’s national emblem, so I thought it was great seeing the oldest one in Ireland.

Visiting Trinity College was very informative. It was interesting to see the Book of Kells, which is something that was produced so long ago. I didn’t know all the detail that went into it and that it took as much as 500 years to complete. I learned a lot about the history behind the Book of Kells. Seeing Trinity College was also a great experience.


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