Full Moon Walk

8 Nov

On October 22, in the misty rain and fog, I, along with several other students from the FIE program, were carted off to Montpelier Hill. Montpelier Hill is famous for the supposed haunted lodge located at the top. The lodge is originally from 1725 by William Conolly as a hunting lodge. Ever since the construction of the building, claims of the presence of the Devil have surrounded this location.  There was an ancient burial site on the hill and Conolly had stones used from this site for the construction of the roof.  Apparently, shortly after, a storm blew the roof off the structure. Those who believe in superstitions blamed the destruction on the Devil because of the disturbance of sacred sites. But, that was just the beginning of associations with the work of the Devil.

It wasn’t until the late 1730’s that the Hell Fire Club’s activities gave rise to the folklore we have today. The club had an original 5 members. At every gathering at the lodge, the table was set for the number of members…plus one. Legend says that this extra spot was set for the devil, and the first toast of the night would be offered to the Devil himself.  Our tour guide took us into each individual room of the lodge, but refused to step into most of them due to past experiences she has had as a tour guide. The group of men that participated in this group were not the sort you would bring home to meet your parents. There were rumors of sacrificing animals (especially black cats), abandoned babies, and even on one occasion a dwarf. In one tale, a priest asked to take shelter in the lodge. The members began sacrificing one of the black cats, but the priest was able to exorcise the cat. A demon was said to have visibly left the cats body and flown out the window.

While I am not sure how much of the stories I believe, I definitely felt an uneasy sensation when I walked into the structure.  The walk also provided beautiful nighttime views of the city and surrounding Dublin area. Below is the one picture I was brave enough to take while inside the building. Image




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