Trim Castle and Causey Farm blog #4

6 Nov

Trim Castle and Causey Farm # A few weekends ago we took a day trip to Trim Castle as well as Causey Farm. Our first stop was Trim Castle in Country Meath. The outside of the castle was quite old looking and some of the caste was actually gone because of how old it is. We went on a tour of what was left of the castle. On the inside of the castle there was three replicas of the castle, it was interesting to see the changes throughout the years. We then toured the rest of the inside of the castle and then made our way to the roof of the castle, where we all took loads of pictures.

            When the tour of the castle was over, we then got back on the bus and ventured to Causey Farm, which is also located in County Meath. This farm was definitely the highlight of the day. When we got to the farm, the dogs on the farm greeted us as well as our tour guide, our tour guide was very sweet. For all of us whose furry friends are back in America, it was really nice to be greeted by these dogs. We then went into the farm kitchen area and we were given tea and very yummy scones. We then partnered up and made Irish soda bread from scratch and once it was baked we got to split it and bring half of a loaf back home with us. From there we went to the farm area and got to milk a cow, which was a first for the most of us who live in the city. On our way to the next stop we visited the puppies that were just a few weeks old, we all fell in love with all of the puppies! We also learned an Irish dance and preformed it together as a group. From there we then got to go threw a haunted house, which was scarier than a lot of us thought it was going to be! Last but not least we were shown how the dog herded the sheep. This was my favorite part of the day; I couldn’t believe that sheep would actually pay attention to a dog. It was also pretty neat because the dog was so well trained and had the ability to get all the sheep from one side of the farm to the other in a matter of minutes. 


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