Northern Ireland blog #5

6 Nov

            During one of our weekend trips we went to Northern Ireland. It took us about four and half hours to get to Belfast. When we arrived, it was pouring rain so luckily our tour guide got on our bus and we got a driving tour instead of walking. From there we went to the hotel and had the remainder of the night to explore or rest up for Saturday’s events.

On Saturday morning we all loaded the bus and drove to Derry. Once we arrived in Derry we went to the Giants Causeway. The Giants Causeway was very pretty, I’m glad we had the chance to explore there. It was also a beautiful day, which made for great photographs. After leaving the Causeway we then went to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. This was very different, I’ve never seen a real rope bridge before nor have I even had to cross one. At first I was a little nervous to cross the rope bridge, but I’m very happy I did. Once crossing the bridge there is just all this green land to walk around and to take pictures of. Out of the both days I preferred Saturdays events. On Friday on our tour of Belfast, the city just seemed very depressing. However Saturday had a lot of happiness and lots of exploring to be done!


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