Croke Park blog #3

6 Nov

November 6, 2013 

Last Friday afternoon our Irish life and cultures class visited Croke Park Stadium, which is not only a stadium but also the GAA headquarters. Croke Park is also the fourth largest stadium in Europe.

 We started the day off by meeting the rest of the group and then we walked to the stadium.  When we arrived we wondered around for a little bit. We got to explore the museum and some of the students tried out the games that portrayed what it would be like to be a part of a hurling match. We then went on a tour of the entire stadium for about an hour. We started the tour with a film and then walked throughout the stadium, taking many of the same routes that the teams would normally walk. We also found out that the Special Olympics were held at Croke Park a few years ago.

It was interesting to see what Gaelic sports consist of. It was also interesting to get an inside look at the stadium. I was really surprised that the players that are a part of the GAA are not paid to play the sport. In America, sport players make a substantial amount of money; I was very surprised that GAA players don’t get paid. It was in a way refreshing to see a group of teammates who play a sport and also have to work a full time job. It really showed how dedicated these players are to the game that they love. 


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