A Little Less American, A Little More Irish

6 Nov

Culture night, one of the more eventful nights in Dublin, I was stuck inside my apartment with a raging cold. The Irish weather got to me, so I could not go out to explore Dublin and learn about the culture here. I did learn that culture night draws a large crowd and is promoted through loads of streets in Dublin. I heard there are street performers and stores have discounts and the Dublin Castle has extra rooms open to visitors. The following night I went out and experienced Irish pubs with traditional Irish food and music: This was my own version of Culture Night. I talked to a handful of locals at the pubs who told me about Irish music. They also informed me that Irish people do not drink a pint fully, they always leave a little bit at the bottom. So in my adventure I took one step to becoming a little more Irish and a little less American. I was also told that Temple Bar area is where the pavement stops and the brick pathway begins. Other locals told me Temple Bar is where you find many American tourists, usually middle aged adults or older. Another interesting piece of information I learned came from asking a local how often drunk driving accidents occur. He told me they do happen, but they are frowned upon intensely, even more so than in other countries. He told me it’s because of Ireland’s alcohol stereotype, and he also equated it to how Americans view child molesters and how we punish them. Anyway, I think my culture night was successful! I learned a lot about what makes foreigners stick out amongst local Dubliners, so now I can blend in a little more. 



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