Stepping out of Dublin

3 Nov

After living in Ireland for about a month I finally took the opportunity to venture out of the city of Dublin and made my way to Galway. I was very excited to finally explore other parts of Ireland and take advantage of the short three and a half months i have to live in Dublin as a college student.

All of the American study abroad students met up at the Aungier Street building to get on a bus and head to Galway. At first I was nervous for the bus ride because prior to leaving our advisor recommended we take motion sickness medication if needed because the roads of Ireland can be very long and winding. Thankfully the ride did not bother me one bit. It actually became a prefect time to socialize with other study abroad students in different programs who we usually don’t see other than within the classroom.

As the long ride finally came to an end we pulled up right outside of the Connacht Hotel right outside of Galway center. We all got off of the bus and gathered around Donal in the lobby of the hotel. He read out the roommate assignments and handed each of us our room keys. My roommate and I introduced ourselves to each other and then quickly started to give ourselves a little self-guided tour of the hotel. I didn’t read much into the weekend trip so i had no idea where we were going to be staying but the Connacht hotel definitely exceeded my expectations.

The hotel was awesome, but we only spent about ten minutes checking it out until we made our way into the center. We arrived at the hotel at about half past three and dinner was scheduled for eight so we wanted to make the most of our limited free time given while in Galway. It was about a twenty minute walk into Galway center, which wasn’t bad at all. Being the impatient and always hungry kid that i am, the first thing i did was grab a slice of pizza and a drink because i couldn’t get myself to wait for dinner time. My friends and I just walked in and out of the small shops and  got a feel for the area so we would have an idea of where to go for the night.

Each night was started off the right way with a wonderful meal. The night life in Galway was a great time, especially because of  the live music within most of the pubs. As the weekend went on everything we would do was a new experience so there was never a dull moment. Just kidding. Because of all the fun we had going out each night, the bus rides and my stomach didn’t seem to want to get along. The good thing about that was that whenever we would reach our destination i would always feel better because of the fresh air and amazing views.

The first stop was the Aran Islands, which was my favorite stop of the weekend. We took a ferry boat out to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands. There were three small busses waiting for us as we got off of the ferry to take us on a tour of the island. As our driver explained his life style of the Inishmore island it sounded and looked like such a beautiful place to live. It was gorgeous and peaceful, but our bus driver explained everyone knew everyone’s business. I’m in love with the city life style, but if i were to ever become rich enough I would love to have a summer home out there. As we continued to talk, he asked us were each of us have visited from. The majority of us being from Quincy, Massachusetts caught him off guard, and he went on to explain how he lived there for twelve years, worked for the MBTA(biggest means of transportation in Boston), and still owns a house  easily within a mile of where I live. We then realized his daughter and I attended the same elementary school. I know it’s one thing to find someone in Dublin from around home, but for our tour guide, who lives on Inishmore, was crazy.

Tour Guide Photo

The last day we were able to visit the Cliffs of Moher. This was an awesome experience because of how well known they are  and knowing that they have been used in movies multiple times was really cool. The downside was the weather wasn’t very nice. It was rainy and foggy so i didn’t get a nice view, or any view at all of most of the cliffs. Overall it was an amazing weekend and I’m more than glad i had the opportunity to visit everywhere we went.





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