Mass at Christ Church Cathedral – Joe Malenchini

3 Nov

Today I went to a celebration of the Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. For the past few weeks, I have walked past this building on my way to and from classes at DBS. Every time I walked by, I would look up at the architecture and marvel at the giant doors of the Cathedral. I wanted to attend Mass at the Cathedral for some time, but I kept procrastinating and never made my way to a service. Today, however, I finally managed to allocate time in my schedule to attend Mass with two friends.

We entered the Cathedral through great wooden doors and took our seats next to the tomb of Bishop Lindsay in the Nave. Bishop Lindsay was the dean of Christ Church in the late 1600’s and was the last dean before the deaneries of Christ Church and St. Patrick’s were combined. His tomb lies opposite of the tomb of Strongbow, the leader of the Norman invasion. The Normans were the people who, after wresting control from the Vikings, rebuilt the initial wooden church on the site of Christ Church and replaced it with a stone church. Over the centuries, the church was constantly remodeled and expanded as it changed hands between rulers of varying levels of power and of different faiths.

The Mass today was dominated by the voices of the choir that echoed throughout the stone building. The chorus sat closer to the altar than the congregation, giving the impression that the voices were divinely inspired. I am Episcopal, which is the American Anglican Church, so the structure of the Mass was very similar to what I am used to at home. The Mass’s effect of holiness was further reinforced when the sun shone through the stained glass windows that filled in the Gothic arches in the Cathedral walls. It was a unique experience to celebrate the Eucharist in such a beautiful and historic building. I will certainly make the effort to attend another Mass at Christ Church Cathedral.

Joe Malenchini


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