Christ Church Cathedral

3 Nov

Randy Blake

Today, I attended the Cathedral Eucharist service at Christ Church Cathedral. It was a great experience going to a service at one of the most historical places of worship in the world, even though it wasn’t of my personal faith. The Christ Church dates back to 1028, when King Sitric Silkenbeard, the Norse King of Dublin, founded it as a Catholic Church.  It was converted to an Anglican Church in 1539 under King Henry VII, and it has been Anglican ever since. Once you walked into Christ Church, you could tell there was a historical presence, even if you know nothing about it. The doors to get into the Nave were like those of an ancient castle, being over 20 feet tall and made of wood with metal knockers on each side. Once you passed through the doorway, you saw an old baptismal font, nave tombs, ancient screens and more. The baptismal font was a gift from George Edmund Street, the architect that rebuilt the cathedral during the 1870’s. There are two nave tombs, for Bishop Lindsay and Strongbow. Bishop Lindsay was a former dean of Christ Church and was the last incumbent to hold the position of bishop of Kildare. Strongbow was the leader of the Cambro-Normans when they captured Dublin in 1170. Finally, the screens date back to the restoration in 1870’s, and are good examples of Victorian wrought-iron work. These are just a few examples of the history of this almost 1000 year old church. This service was incredibly memorable; going to a new faith’s church with this much history is something that will stay with me forever.


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