The Guinness Storehouse

1 Nov

This past weekend my dad was here on a visit and we decided to go to the Guinness Storehouse to learn all about the actually history of the famous Irish drink! Little did I know was that Arthur Guinness did not just create a delicious beer, but he also added to life of Dubliners. As my dad and I jumped in the cab and I told the friendly driver our location he started to tell us all about Mr. Guinness. Not only did Arthur Guinness invent Guinness he also built housing for the workers and created a work environment that had amazing working conditions. Women wanted to marry men who worked at the Guinness Storehouse, because if the husband was hurt or passed away the woman would be given a sum of money for compensation. The men had great working conditions and pay. Guinness was not only a very smart business man but he also truly cared about his workers. I had no idea that my dad and I would be learning before we even got to the Storehouse, but I should have guessed considering the amazingly friendly cab drivers here in Dublin.

Once we got to the Storehouse our learning continued starting with seeing the lease Mr. Guinness signed for nine thousand years! I guess he wants his beer to stay around awhile. The tour continued into an amazing room filled with barley, hops, water, and yeast! The ingredients used to make Guinness. As we continued on the tour we climbed each floor learning more about how it was made, the workplace environment, how to properly poor a Guinness, and ended on the seventh floor, a gravity bar with views of all of Dublin. The bar had an amazing view and being able to give my dad a mini tour of Dublin just with our eyes was amazing. Overall the Guinness Storehouse showed me that not only is Guinness a drink, but also a huge part of Irish culture and Dublin’s history.


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