The Royal and Farm Life

29 Oct

On Friday I got to experience a little bit of the stereotypical Ireland I had been expecting.  There was a field trip that went to Trim Castle and then Causey Farm, two things that come to mind when I think of typical Ireland (farm life and castles). 

The town of Trim was a cute little town with its small streets lined with little shops. The castle itself was not as impressive as I had envisioned but it was still nice looking.  The first hall on the inside contained three mini replicas of the castle as it changed through the ages.  It was very neat to see how it had changed in the course of only a couple decades.  

In the castle there were a bunch of different small rooms that you could only access but walking up these steep, small spiral staircases that I kept feeling like I’d fall down at any moment.  The tour guide said that the last king had his party room at the top floor and guests had to walk up those stairs, which wasn’t a big problem, but walking down when they were very intoxicated caused a few accidents.  

After exploring Trim we headed to Causey Farm.  The first thing we saw when we pulled in were two sheep dogs herding our bus towards its parking spot.  They were the cutest dogs ever and definitely made me miss my dog but petting them and playing with them was one of the highlights of my day.

From there we went into the café where the owner gave us homemade scones for a snack which were the most delicious things I’ve eaten in awhile.  They had homemade jelly and crème fraiche on them too which added to their amazing taste.  After a snack the owner took us to a barn where our group learned how to do an Irish dance.  There were four parts of it and it took us a little time to learn each part but once we did we were able to do an entire Irish dance to a complete song, which was a great experience.

After that we went back into the café and learned how to make traditional Irish soda bread.  That part was very neat because we got to measure out the ingredients ourselves and mix them, make the dough and even put a design in the dough before it baked.

While the dough was in the oven we went and watched the sheep dog herd sheep.  We formed a semi-circle and the sheep were herded right in our circle.  I’ve only ever seen dogs do this on TV but it was quite the show to see him do it in real life.  The sheep really responded to him and the dog followed all his owners commands perfectly. 


The last part of our day at Causey Farm was a haunted house.  For Halloween the farm does 4 different haunted events but since it was during the day the house was the only one that was actually going on at the moment.  It was really wild how much effort that they had put into the haunted house because it actually was really scary but also had a lot of interesting things in it.  Needless to say I don’t like scary things though and will not be doing something like that again.  At the end of the haunted house though there was a fenced area that had 5 sheepdog puppies in it that we were able to say hi to and pet a little which was definitely the highlight of my day because they were the cutest sweetest things.  It was the best ending to such a good day. 

Between the farm and the Castle it was a very great day in Ireland.  I felt like I had actually done things that I came to Ireland expecting to see and do and it was a lot of fun too.


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