Galway, Aran Islands, Inis Mor

29 Oct


One of the most memorable experiences I have had in Ireland is seeing the Aran Islands.  We visited Inis Mor on the second day of our trip and I have never seen such a beautiful place.  I liked that we had the bus tour.  Our tour guide was very informant about the island.  He told us that its population was 800 and the bank was only open one day a week for a few hours.  Being from such a big city at home and living in Dublin makes me feel like that living in a place like the Aran Islands is like another world.  We were asking so many questions to the tour guide because none of us were used to that lifestyle.  Eventually he asked us where we were from and we explained, “A city next to Boston, Massachusetts” he replied, “Oh really, what town?  I used to live in Quincy.”  That made me realize how accurate the expression “what a small world” is, considering five out of about twenty people on the bus were from Quincy.  It turns out he still owns a house there today and we went on for the rest of the ride having him compare the pros and cons of living in two completely different environments.


I am so happy I had the pleasure to visit Dun Aengus.  The walk up to the cliffs was definitely worth it.  The walk was actually very relaxing.  By the time I got to the top of the cliff I was astonished at how perfect it was.  It was absolutely breath taking.  Everyone was sitting on the edge of the cliffs to have their picture taken and then got up immediately because if they made one bad move then that could be their last move.  Thinking about the cliffs still gives me pins and needles in my feet every time; But thinking back to how I felt when I was sitting on the edge of the cliff just looking across the ocean I felt so comfortable.  I was no longer nervous; I never wanted to get up because gazing out to the ocean just felt so relaxing.  We definitely lucked out with such a gorgeous day.  The weather was incredible.


The following day we got a real taste of that Ireland weather.  It was raining the entire day and we went to the Cliffs of Moher.  I was disappointed because we weren’t able to get the full experience of the Cliffs due to the fog.  Every one that has been there tells me how amazing it is and at some point during my stay I will make it back on a better day to make sure I get the full experience.


The Galway trip was such an unforgettable experience.  I know I have many more places to see and Ireland has so much to offer but I think that this is going to be incomparable.


This is our tour guide from Quincy, Massachusetts... where all five of us are from.  Small world.

This is our tour guide from Quincy, Massachusetts… where all five of us are from. Small world.



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