Northern Ireland

28 Oct

We came into Belfast with a bang, having both our bus tour guides being convicted felons. It was as truly strongly opinionated as had been described to us. Our Nationalist tour guide made his opinion loud and clear on his feelings on the British, being a member of the IRA, referring to the Potato famine as a genocide caused by the British, and going so far as to comparing the British to the KKK. Our Loyalist tour guide took us to see many major murals, and the peace wall. We all got out and signed the peace wall, a wall dividing loyalist and nationalist neighborhoods. The wall was signed with names and words of all different languages, and many humorous and sarcastic comments.

The next day we visited the high cliffs of the Giants Causeway (where you can even see Scotland!) and cross the not-so-trechurous rope bridge. The views were incredible and though climbing was a long uphill trip, it was worth it.

On Sunday we went to Derry, another northern city of controversy, and explored their beautiful and interactive city hall. The Museum of Free Derry holds the History of Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday is a tragic event that took place on Sunday, January 30, 1972. 26 civilians were shot by the British Army. It is one of the most significant events of the Northern Irish Troubles.

Overall the trip was fantastic a view into both sides of the controversy of Northern Ireland.


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