Dublin City Marathon 2013

28 Oct

Dublin City Marathon 2013

On the cold, but sunny Monday October 28th Dublin hosted its 34th annual marathon. The race started at Fitzwilliam Street Upper and finished at Clare Street and Merrion Square North. The 26.1 mile race took thousands of runners on one big loop around Dublin. They ran down O’Connell Street, through Phoenix Park, and around University College Dublin. Thousands of runners came out to raise money for different charities of their choice.

This year was particularly exciting for the Irish people because an Irish man won the race for the first time in twenty years. A man named Sean Hehir took first place after it took him two hours and eighteen minutes of running. This time marks just one minute over Sean’s best. Sean was born in Clare, but has been living in Dublin the past seventeen years. The last Irish man to win the Dublin Marathon was John Treacy in 1993. Sean did not take the win easily though. It was neck and neck the whole race between him and a Dublin native Joe Sweeney. At mile twenty Joe was slightly ahead of Sean and it appeared if he would take first. But Sean came back to take a slight win over Joe.

As a runner, these kinds of events are very exciting for me. I love the feeling of the huge crowd of people running down the street. I personally have never run a marathon, or a half marathon for that matter. I have participated in my fair share of races though. My Nana is a marathon runner and has run several all over the United States. She always impresses me because she is in her seventies and can still run 26.1 miles. I am a teenager and I struggle running just a couple miles. The one thing about any race though that inspires me is the reason people are running. Whether it is a one miles race or a full marathon everyone is running for a goal. Maybe it is to raise money for a charity, to get in better shape, or just to say they can do it. Whatever it is, every time someone crosses the finish line you can see the joy on their face. They get what is called a ‘runners high,’ a euphoric feeling of being able to accomplish most anything.

-Anna Wilhite

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