Blarney Castle

28 Oct

I went to the infamous Blarney Castle to give a smooch to the Stone of Eloquence, also known as the Blarney Stone. It was such a cool experience and definitely something to cross off of my bucket list! The Castle was surrounded and attacked during the Irish Confederate Wars. However, it was later restored. Today, we see the partial ruins that remain. The stairs up to the stone were very narrow and I got a little claustrophobic, but that didn’t stop me. The view at the top of the castle was simply breathtaking! I was getting nervous, but I knew I needed to get that kiss in, and I got it. It was terrifying. You’re upside down, while you and an old man hold you up so that you don’t fall through the hole. The kiss supposedly gives you the gift of eloquence. There are many myths as to where the stone came from, but most say it was a magical stone where Irish kings were crowned. From the top of the castle, I could see the gardens and paths that surrounded it. The view was so beautiful! It was definitely an experience I would do again.


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