Rugby Game: Leinster vs Castres Olympique

24 Oct

Being an American football fan my entire life, enjoying a Rugby game was a completely new experience. After watching the Leinster vs Castres Olympique this past weekend, I got a better peak into the value that the Irish people place on their sports. Despite rugby not being the dominant sport in Ireland, the appreciation the Irish fans had for their team was outstanding.

Never before had I seen so many team flags waving in one stadium at a single time. On top of that, everywhere you looked you could see a sea of blue. In contrast with American sports, more than often there is the occasional drunken person ranting on about how the games going on. But instead, it was a surprising and nice realization that Irish fans cared more for their team than getting drunk. It taught me that Irish fans probably have more respect for their teams than American fans do and even when they’re losing, they stay at the game to cheer their team on.


To this extent, I believe the Irish people in general are just better sports than I have seen in most places. It seemed to me like they cared more about the actual play of the game rather than what the score was. Considering how much pressure is placed on teams, especially American teams, now a day to compete for a championship, it was a kind reminder that some people just want to enjoy the game.

Overall, the entire atmosphere of the game was refreshing and adrenaline pumping. Instead of sitting on my butt for the majority of Saturday evening, I got to experience to true ambiance of being an Irish fan without worrying for once if my team would come out on top.

– Philip Sypolt


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