Galway Trip

24 Oct

Ethan Coy

            It is quite difficult to sum up my experience in Galway.  Although my expectations were high for the Galway trip, my experience exceeded the expectations by a long shot. 

            Stepping away from Dublin for a weekend was relieving.  This is not to say that Dublin has anything severely wrong with it, but the routine that I was in here was beginning to wear me out.  Being able to take a step back and appreciate the unique culture that the west of Ireland had to offer was excellent.

            The most obvious difference between Galway and Dublin was the more rural landscape.  While Dublin does not have buildings protruding way into the sky the same way New York does, there was certainly a different pace in life between the two locations, especially when we got out into the countryside. 

            Spending time in Inishmore and the Cliffs of Moher were two unforgettable experiences.  For one, the bus rides around and to both locations were underrated.  Being able to look outside and see green hill after green hill was unbelievable; naming Ireland the green isle was certainly not a misnomer.  After driving past this coat of green, we finally arrived at the Cliffs of Moher.  The views were breath taking.  I daringly dangled my feet over the edge and took a picture, which did upset my parents but provided me with a memory that still gets my heart racing whenever I look at the picture or think about it.

            My trip to Inishmore was less inspiring than my trip to the Cliffs of Moher, but nonetheless was a rewarding experience.  The ferry ride was not ideal, but hiking around the island was fascinating.  From the cemetery to the lookout, Inishmore certainly had a lot to offer as well.   It was a great way to start our group trips, and my hopes are set high for Northern Ireland!


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