Up North

23 Oct

This past weekend we went to Northern Ireland, which is technically the UK. We visited Derry and Belfast two places which have a long history with Ireland.  We learned about the wars that the UK and Ireland fought against each other and the people that tragically died in the battles.  We saw a bunch of murals that people had painted for those that had died.

While there we visited the Carrick-a-Rede Bridge on Saturday. It was a rope bridge that led to an amazing grassy cliff.  I didn’t expect to be scared by the rope bridge but once you were on it and it was shaky and you saw how far below it went that’s when it really hit me.  However it was completely worth it because the cliff on the other side was really pretty and so was the view.

The same day as the bridge we went to the Giant’s Causeway.  I’ve seen pictures of this place online and it looked spectacular in those.  When we got there it was sunny and warm and the place did look really beautiful.  It was so nice to be near the ocean and the mountains around it reminded me of somewhere in South America or tropical.  When we walked out to the rocks at the end of the causeway there were little tide pools, which had shells, and even little minnows in it.  The colors in them were also beautiful, purples and pinks and browns and it was so peaceful just to be listening to the waves hitting the rocks.  It was nice to see for myself a little piece of what makes Ireland so famous.

At the end of that day we went to Derry where we stayed for the night.  The next day we took a walking tour of the city where we learned more about history.  One of the things I remember it’s called the Maiden City and that’s because its walls have never been breached.

The trip was pretty interesting especially the landscapes.  That’s the reason I came to Ireland was because of all the beautiful scenery and I’m happy these trips have given me the opportunity to see them.

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