Trip to Galway

22 Oct

578741_10201180178764600_1900663438_nMy trip to Galway with our class has definitely been a high highlight of my trip. It was nice to get out of Dublin and meet people from a different region of the country. While there I experienced many great things, from going to Inishmoreto enjoying the night life. I even got to spend my 18th birthday in this beautiful city and it is definitely one I will remember for the rest of my life. In this photo my fellow class mate, Matt, and I are standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Mohr. I took this photo while on our trip out to Galway. I had so much fun while on this trip and it has definitely been a highlight of my trip to Galway. These cliffs are one of Ireland’s most famous attractions. The huge masses of rock that are jetting out into the sea are absolutely amazing and sitting at the edge took my breathe away, probably because I am afraid of heights. When I pictured Ireland before I arrived here I knew one of the places I had to see were the cliffs. I had no idea what they were called but I knew there were really amazing cliffs here and I could not wait to finally be there. I was so amazed by the cliffs when I finally got to see them and it was everything I expected and more.


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