Western Ireland

20 Oct

Dublin is such a vibrant and exciting place to live that sometimes you forget about the immense history hidden within its streets and buildings. Our trip to Western Ireland however enabled me to revisit the history and beauty of Ireland. The feel of town itself was older and more rustic, and our many excursions gave a different feel to Ireland and its people.

The first of these excursions was to the Aran Islands. To get there we took a boat, which gave us an incredibly beautiful view of the coastline and islands as we approached. The small village on the island was like nothing I had ever experienced before. We went to lunch at a small café and all the people there knew each other. It was especially interesting to watch them all interact with each other. This continued while we toured the island. Our guide knew who lived in every home and all about all of the people there. It had such a unique and tight knit feel about it. We also saw lots of history around the island. We were able to visit the sweater shops and see the famous Aran Island sweaters. These sweaters are well known because at one point families all had their own sweater pattern. You could identify the body of someone killed at sea by their sweater. We also visited old monuments and remains of churches. Through these sights we were able to learn all about Ireland’s history. We then visited the cliffs, which were incredible.

The next day we visited the Cliffs of Moher. The weather was much worse than it had been the day before and so we saw the cliffs in incredible amounts of fog. Despite this it was still an exciting experience and the cliffs themselves were still awesome. On the way back we also stopped at many historical spots, including a fairy circle, which we walked around.

Outside of these excursions, Galway itself was a great place to visit. The feel of the town itself was much smaller and old. I loved walking down the cobble streets and visiting all the old pubs. Staying at my first hostel was also a really cool experience. This in combination with the incredible history and sites made our trip to Western Ireland a great one.

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