Going Out West

16 Oct

This past weekend we went to Western Ireland to visit the cliffs of Moher, the Aaron islands, as well as the historic city of Galway. Setting off on our bus everyone was super excited to get out of Dublin and see somewhere new. For some students it was about hopefully taking a nicer shower in the hotel, while others were excited to see the historic sites. I must admit although I was excited to see the islands and cliffs I was also exhilarated at the idea of taking a nice hot shower in a real bathroom rather then in my tiny dorm. The first night was peaceful for me and was exactly what I needed after a long hard week of classes. The group dinner was great and then I was able to fall asleep in a nice comfortable bed after an incredible shower.


The next day we were up bright and early to take a fairy out to the Aaron Islands, after a full breakfast filled with fruit, cereal and blood sausage we made our way to the boat. The boat ride was beautiful; it was amazing seeing the Irish coastline as well as the islands appearing out of the horizon. After finally arriving at the Aaron islands we were whisked away to see the island on a van tour. Our first stop was a fort on the top a hill next to a sheer cliff. The hike up to the cliff was really pretty, and we got unbelievably lucky with the whether so it was actually enjoyable being outside. After arriving at the top I was amazed by the beauty of the view as well as the historical fort that I was surrounded by. I remember being amazed that there were no fences or guards or anything protecting people from damaging the ancient ruins, or from falling off the cliff. After what seemed like hours of taking pictures and exploring a group of us made our way back down the mountain and stopped at a local café for lunch. I don’t remember exactly what I had but the chocolate muffin was soooo good. It had a solid layer of chocolate on the top and tasted like a candy bar, it would almost be worth going back to the islands for that muffin.


That night I surprised myself by actually having enough energy to be able to go out to experience the Gallway nightlife. A group of us visited the Kings Head Pub which happened to be featuring a traditional Irish band that night. I had never heard any of the songs before but quickly picked up on some of the dance moves the local crowd were using. It was a great experience being out with the local people and experiencing the true local culture outside of the classroom. I’m very glad I was able to see hear some traditional Irish music and one of the members of the band playing a banjo.


The final day we visited the cliffs of Moher but due to the weather they were nowhere near as beautiful as the sights I had seen the day before. The ride back on the bus was weaving through the countryside and seemed to make everyone a little nauseous, I wish I had been driving my own car on the roads; it would have been a lot more fun. I can’t wait until next weekend when we visit Belfast in the North.

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