Galway Getaway

16 Oct

Two weekends ago, we traveled to Western Ireland with our Irish Life and Cultures class. According to the itinerary, we were to have free time to explore the city on Friday, spend time on the Aran Islands on Saturday, and finally, visit the Cliffs on Moher on Sunday before taking the bus back to Dublin. 

Galway city was incredible. It was a miniature version of Dublin with a suburban small-town feel. I was so happy to be able to explore it on my own without a proper tour, too. There’s something really special about being able to discover a new place on your own without an agenda because it gives you time to find the places that you are most interested in seeing. Also, you aren’t being rushed, which is something that I really appreciated. 

My favorite part of the weekend, by far, was our tour of the Aran Islands. Specifically, we toured Inis Mór (translated: Big Island). It was unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced before. The aesthetics of the island had the power to take your breath away because of its beautiful greenery, aqua blue water, and stunning cliff views. And on top of all of that, the simplicity of the island was something that immediately caught my attention. I found it fascinating that there is only one supermarket on the entire island. Personally, I’m not sure if I could live isolated from the mainland like that, but it was beautiful nonetheless. 

Unfortunately, Sunday’s weather prohibited us from being able to see the Cliffs on Moher when we finally arrived there. The fog and misty rain was overwhelming. It was also very windy, which was unnerving and influenced me to not go close to the edge of the cliff. Another downside to this excursion is the fact that because I couldn’t see the Cliffs, now I have to go back on my own dime. 

All in all, it was a really successful weekend! Being able to see so much of Ireland in just one weekend was an unforgettable experience.



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