Meeting a King

15 Oct

Last week my Drama in Contexts class went to a show at the Gaiety Theatre. The play that was chosen for us to see was called “Waiting For Godot”. As I approached the entrance, I noticed the rest of my class was pretty dressed up; the girls in elegant dresses and the boys in dress shirts and ties. I was feeling a bit underdressed, even in dark jeans and a nice sweater. When we finally took our seats, though, I saw many other people were much more underdressed than I was. Some actually looked slightly out of place in such a beautiful theatre. The theatre was exquisite – with red décor and high ceilings that were accented in gold with biblical paintings. We watched audience members trickle into the theatre, anticipating the show to start. I saw three boys sit down just a few rows in front of us. One of which looked oddly familiar and also stood out as mildly underdressed. I unknowingly continued to rudely stare at him, still trying to figure out where I knew him from. A second later, Sachin, who was sitting next to me, nudged me and whispered, “Is that King Joffrey?” My mouth dropped out of awe and excitement when I realized it was, indeed, King Joffrey. Not just ANY King, but THE King Joffrey, a character from one of the most awesome shows of all-time, Game of Thrones. When I saw him I immediately felt better about how underdressed I had initially felt; if King Joffrey can wear a plain white t-shirt to the Gaiety Theatre then I surely can wear a sweater. I could tell a lot of other people recognized him too; quite a few had stupidly forgotten to turn the flash off on their cameras while they were trying to “sneakily” snap a photo of him. Oops.

In the middle of my scheming to somehow get a picture with him, the lights began to dim and the show started. The play was about two hours long, with a twenty-minute intermission that about 80% of the audience used for a cigarette break. I swear, I’ve never seen so many people who smoke cigarettes in my whole life. Every time I walk out of the buildings my classes are in, there are always at least 20-30 students smoking. It’s almost more rare to pass someone on the street that is not smoking. Anyways, during this intermission I took the opportunity to interrupt Joffrey’s (I still don’t know his actual name) cigarette break with his friends to ask for a picture. He agreed, but didn’t seem quite as thrilled about it as I was.

“Sorry, you’re probably sick of people asking to take a picture with you,” I said, trying to lighten the mood a little and start some conversation.

“Yeah. I am.”

Following this shockingly blunt and frankly sassy reply, I felt quite both guilty and extremely uncomfortable, and luckily the horrid look on my face was captured. Of course his friend snapped the photo of us right as I was making the most awkward and unattractive face in response to his rudeness. Which is why it’ll never go anywhere near social media. Well, at least for now. After this very awkward encounter I ran back up to my seat in the theatre, partially still star-struck as well as thoroughly disappointed that the picture I got with him was not only awkward but blurry as well. And that was my first time meeting a King.


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