Johnnie Fox’s Pub

13 Oct

This weekend my parents came to visit and my mom took us out to dinner “some where in Dublin.” I was extremely confused when the bus we took to dinner took 45 minutes.  My mom had booked dinner at the highest pub in Dublin, called Johnnie Fox’s pub. So we embarked on our journey at 6:30 and got to the pub at about 7:20 and went in and sat down. I later researched the pub was and it was in Glencullen, Co Dublin up on a mountain.

The place was very crowded and you could tell that it was definitely a tourist attraction. On the menu, “Hooley Night” was in bold letters and really stood out. Now, since I’ve been I know that a Hooley is where traditional Irish music plays and people do traditional Irish dancing.  They played “The Fields of Athenry” and “Wild Rover” two songs that we had learned on our Galway excursion, so of course I sang along. It was really fun, and showed the Irish heritage quite well for such a short period of time (over a 3 course dinner.)

Over all it was a great experience and the atmosphere was great, although it’s a long ways outside the city just for dinner, it was great for a show and good live music. I would definitely recommend it to other tourists visiting the Dublin area

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