Galway–Cliffs of Moher!

13 Oct

During our excursion to the west, we visited many different places! One of my favorites was the Cliffs of Moher. The view was incredible and and it was fun exploring all it’s little nooks and crannies. It was very thrilling sitting at the edge of the cliffs with your legs dangling over and looking straight into the water. It was also fun knowing that Harry Potter was filmed on the Cliffs, I kept replaying that one scene in my head as I stood and looked out into the ocean. I will never forget my time at the Cliffs of Moher and I can’t wait to look back at the pictures and know that I was in one of the most beautiful places.

Along with visiting the Cliffs of Moher we went to Inismor Island and visited the cliffs there. It was unbelievable! It wasn’t a very good day weather wise, but that made it so much better. When we were at the cliffs we couldn’t see the water below us, but we could here the waves crashing. It was so thrilling!


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