13 Oct

When our plane was finally over Ireland after the 5 hour flight from Boston, all I see beneath me were vast green lands, however when we got Dublin, the only grass I saw was the small patch in the front of Smithfield center. I was a bit confused to say the least, because I have always pictured every inch of Ireland covered in grass.

When went to Galway on our field trip for our Irish Life and Cultures trip and I got to see the green land that I saw from plane above. I saw the rich farmland and the sheep that I assumed I’d be seeing on the daily here in Ireland.  So again with my American presumptions I thought that Galway would be more rural then it actually was. It resembled a small city near where my hometown is in Massachusetts.

I was also extremely excited to go to Galway because I am avid Harry Potter fan. A few Harry Potter scenes were filmed at the Cliffs of Moher, and made the little fan girl inside of me smile from cheek to cheek.

The next day we went to the Aran Islands. Now, I had never heard of them before but I think they were the highlight of our weekend in the West. The ferry ride was quick and easy and Inish Mor was gorgeous. The island reminded me of where I’m from because I live on an island… there aren’t too many grocery stores, and every one knows everyone else.  I took some good pictures off of the cliffs (good enough to give my mom a heart attack) and then had a delicious bowl of Irish stew.

Sadly the next day was the day that we left Galway, but the bus ride was less than somber, we listened to classic Irish music. My favorite song was a toss up between “Wild Rover” and “The Rocky Road to Dublin.” over all it was a great weekend and I cannot wait to go back to Galway when my family comes to visit


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