GAA trip

13 Oct


I took this picture at the GAA mobile seminar. We took a trip out to Parnell Park to see where the Dublin’s hurling and gaelic football teams play most of their matches. Our trip consisted first of an information session in one of the meeting rooms of their facilities. There, we learned the history of the GAA, learned the rules to their sports and watched video demonstrations.  Then, the fun part came; we tried out gaelic football and hurling. I didn’t really like hurling because it felt too much like field hockey, but gaelic football is played a lot like handball, so it was really fun. The reason I thought this tip was so interesting was because I always thought everywhere in the UK’s national sport would be soccer (football). But as the tour guide explained, the Gaelic sports are actually Ireland’s national pastime. Culturally, he told us that if you play a gaelic sport, you aren’t allowed to also play soccer. The GAA is a very traditional Irish organization who’s aims are as follows:

  • To foster and promote native Irish pastimes
  • To open athletics to all social classes
  • To aid in the establishment of hurling and football clubs which would organise matches between counties

This trip to the GAA was extremely worthwhile for me, as a soccer fan to see the culture here in a different light than I had expected. I never thought there would be tension between the footballing world and the old irish sport organizations.

One of the reasons this trip was at such an interesting time was because we went the day before the All Ireland Hurling Replay.  The two teams playing were Clark and Clare.  Although they played the first match on September 8th, the game ended in a tie and was then replayed on the 28th.  The game ended with a score of Clare 5-16 v 3-16 Cork.

Patrick Nanna


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