Co. Cork

11 Oct

When visiting Cork City, there are two historical attractions that you must see: Blarney Castle and Cobh.

Blarney Castle is located outside of Cork City in Cork County. The original building on the site dates to the 1200, but because of the wooden materials, the building did not last. The structure that can now be seen on the site dates from the mid-1400’s by Dermot McCarthy, who, at that time, was King on Munster. The castle is major tourist attraction for those wanting to kiss the Blarney Stone. There are several legends surround the origin or the Blarney Stone. Some say that the goddess Cliodhna told McCarthy to kiss the stone to gain confidence to appeal to the Queen. Others say that the stone originally belonged to the Scotland and was believed to have special powers. Regardless of the origin of the Blarney Stone, the general consensus is that that kissing the stone will bestow the gift of eloquence and seven years good luck. .


Cobh is a seaside town and port in Co. Cork. The city has a long maritime history including ties with the Titanic and Luisitana. In 1912, Cobh (then Queenstown) was the final departure city for the Titanic. While in Cobh, over 100 Irish citizens boarded the boat to immigrate to America. Unfortunately, over half never survived. In Cobh, there is an exhibit dedicated to the Titanic, and in 2012, there was a 100-year anniversary tribute to those lost.  Cobh was also the refuge to passengers aboard the Lusitana that was sunk in 1915.

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