West of Ireland Blog #2

9 Oct

October 9, 2013

This past week our Irish life and cultures class took a trip to see the western part of Ireland. What a beautiful place, when I think of Ireland that is what comes to mind.


We left Friday morning and headed out west. When we arrived in Galway we had the rest of the day to explore the city. The city of Galway seemed so much smaller and quaint as apposed to Dublin.  It was a relief to not see as much city life for the weekend. Saturday morning we all got back on the bus and set out for the ferry to the Aran Islands, what an incredible place! It was really one of the most stunning places I think I’ve seen and the weather was perfect, making it even better. During small talk with our tour guide going place to place by bus we discovered that he had lived in the city we are all from. We all thought what a small world it is that we’re living in. What are the odds that a tour guide living on an island of 800 people would end up being our tour guide and have lived in the same city that the five of us grew up in? It was also pretty coincidental that we had gotten on that tour bus seeing how there were three other buses we could have gotten on.  We then made are way to the top of the island and took some photographs of the incredible view and continued to explore the island.


On Sunday for the final time we boarded the bus and headed to the Cliffs of Moher. Sadly we didn’t have the beautiful weather we had had at the Aran Islands on Saturday. It was quite foggy making the cliffs very hard to see; never mind take photographs of. However, it was an interesting place to have had the ability to go to. I definitely plan on taking another trip out to Galway to see the cliffs on a clearer day and to get away for the city life for a bit!


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