My Weekend in Galway

9 Oct

This past weekend we went to Galway with all of the other NUin students for one of our weekend trips. Our weekend in Galway started with a two and a half hour bus ride across the country from the east of Ireland to the west. The drive was beautiful and we got the chance to see a lot of the countryside of Ireland. We then arrived in Galway and sleepily made our way to our rooms in the hostel Snoozles. This was my first stay in a hostel, and it was much nicer than I imagined. The showers were nicer than our dorms’, and the memory foam mattress was a nice break from the springy one back at Griffith. When we did start to explore Galway I was shocked by the differences between Galway and Dublin. I imagined Galway to be relatively similar to Dublin, but it was very different. Galway was much smaller than Dublin, and there were a lot of young kids. Dublin has a lot of young people, but Galway seemed to be practically just college kids. I also noticed that the people in Galway were not as friendly towards Americans as the majority of people are in Dublin. There are a lot of homeless people in Dublin, and I only saw two or three in Galway. It was a fun party atmosphere, and we even saw a “zombie walk,” basically a bunch of teenagers dressed as zombies chasing people through the streets of Galway. Many of the streets were made of cobblestone, and that created a homier aura of the entire town. The main shopping area seemed inviting and cluttered with many small cafes and restaurants. The city of Galway was beautiful, but in my mind it did not compare to Dublin at all. I love Dublin. There are so many places to explore, and yet I never get lost. There are coffee shops, and cute cafes on every corner. I also like the people in Dublin more. They are friendlier and more open to tourists, even though I do not really consider myself a tourist anymore. I enjoyed Galway, especially our trips to the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. I am very happy to be back in Dublin!

-Emma Hinman


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